Meg mentioned that she was getting bored with the top title of our website, so one day when I came home from work, I saw that she was trying to paste together a bunch of our pictures to make a new header.  I admit that Meg has some mean Photoshop skills, but this project just didn’t seem to be turning out the way she wanted.

The very next day I stumbled across a program called metapixel.  You basically feed it a library of images, and a source image you want to build the library into.

The source library I used to create the mosiac was the nearly 7,000 images we have taken since Michael was born (including some from our wedding as well).  After tweaking a few variables like resolution and distance between duplicated images, I finally got a good looking mosaic.

You can see the larger image of the mosaic here.

Let me know what you guys think.

4 thoughts on “Photomosaic

  1. meg

    I can’t believe how great it turned out. Very impressive Babe! You are like the ultimate Geek Rock Star! Love you. I think the hills are the coolest part.Love it love it love it!

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