Holiday Travels

It is 7:45 and Patrick, Lucy and I are enjoying the last few minutes of a quiet morning before the chaos begins. We are planning on being packed, loaded up and on the road (in the McDonalds drive through to get Tim a iced coffee) by 9 am. We are meeting up with Ben and Carmen in Jamestown and caravaning from there.

On the morning of the 26th, Tim and I and the boys (plus Lucy) will take off for Minot. We plan to do the “rounds” to the cousins and Great Grandparents on Thursday and Friday, then the rest of the weekend through Jan 1st we are relaxing at the Clutes.  Thats the plans as of now…

We won’t be able to fulfill all the traditions on both sides of the family, but I think we will hit the highlights. Plus, we will be able to see everyone if we stick to the schedule. We may be pushing our luck, but I think we can do it!

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