happy new year

Happy New Year to all our faithful Blog followers, and to those of you who do not frequent the site, add it to your list of New Year resolutions!

We spent New Years Eve partying it up at home. Beth is here and she joined the festivities. Our evening consisted of a Jon and Kate Plus 8 marathon for me, Facebook and texting for Beth and video games for Tim. We did crack open a bottle of $4 champagne to ring in the New Year and was as about as festive as it got!

If you are wondering why Beth is here you, obviously were not part of our Christmas festivities. For those of you who missed out on the fun, let me paint a picture for you…

We were packed to the gills when leaving the Shannon’s house on the 26th to head to Minot for my side of the family who was patiently waiting to open gifts with us. Keep in mind I had already dropped off all the gifts to my side of the family earlier so we only had gifts from the Shannons and all our normal traveling gear. We opened gifts from my parents and Beth that evening and the boys got Beth and my old toddler couch and chair AND a bean bag (not to mention all the other gifts that were actually small enough to wrap!) After all those gifts we still had to make the rounds to the Grandparents and the Aunts and Uncles. When it finally came time to pack up the 4Runner and head home we didn’t fit. I don’t know what pushed us over the edge the giant giraffe tent (from the Christensens), the toddler living room set, or all the little stuff added up! Needless to say we needed another vehicle. Beth was kind enough to follow us down with the rest of the Christmas loot.

Overall, it was a fantastic Christmas break. It went fast but I am ready to settle back into our normal routine. (at least until we move!)

Thanks again to our parents for hosting us (we know it isn’t easy and we come with a TON of stuff!) and to everyone else for all the great presents!


*pictures coming soon

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