Give them what they want!

I know it is just entertainment and I could find something else to fill my evenings, but seriously. Give the writers what they want so my shows can come back. I want to know what happens next on Brothers and Sisters. I want to laugh at the witty dialog of Dirty Sexy Money. I want to compare the geeks on The Big Bang Theory to Tim and laugh at their similarities (scary how much he has in common. He is one Flash T-shirt from living in an apartment with a bunch of physicists). It’s not only the scripted shows I want back. I miss Late Night TV. I want to hear Stewart and Colbert’s take on the candidates on the campaign trail.

The worst of it all…. reality TV brought to new lows. Gladiators is back? NO!

Pic from NY Times

I want the writers back, just give them what they want. Heck, throw in a few muffin baskets to make up for all the lost time!

2 thoughts on “Give them what they want!

  1. Jess

    No doubt. If new episodes don’t come on soon, I’ll continue to be subjected to Kyle’s choices–The Outdoor Channel and Animal Planet. Is there no mercy?!

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