3 months old!

Patrick 3 Months Old!Patrick 3 Months Old


Patrick James is now 3 months old. It went fast but at the same time it is hard to remember what it was like before him, I must have been really bored!

PJ is full of smiles. I think he saves them all for me, or at least I like to think he saves them all for me! He is really starting to get fun. He is cooing and making all the sweet little baby noises that melt your heart. Michael, on the other hand, is still only communicating through rhythmic screams and grunts. He sounds like a combination of the shower scene from Psycho and Tim the Tool Man Taylor! I thought Michael was such a good, patient and content baby, but he has nothing on PJ. PJ is just “chill” (I hate to use that word because I am a white girl from ND, but there isn’t a better way to describe it!)

It may just be me, I am thinking PJ might be a bit of a red head. We will have to wait and see what grows in after it all falls out. With any luck he will have the great hairdo that Michael had after he lost all his hair. How could you forget the “Alfalfa” hair!

in case you have forgotten…

Alfalfa Hair

I promise to get some recent pics up asap. Tim is home from work because of an eye infection due to a bad reaction from his contacts. Since I seem to lose pictures every time I upload them, you will have to wait until he is feeling better and able to look at the computer screen again. Poor guy can’t even check email πŸ™ Whats a nerd with out his computer?

4 hours later….
Update: Tim is feeling better. The eye drops the doc gave him have helped enough that he can look at computer screens again, Yay! That means new pictures!

3 thoughts on “3 months old!

  1. Jess

    I can’t believe that red hair! He is probably content because he’s plotting for later years. I heard once that siblings can understand the baby noises they each make before talking, so I just know they are planning to gang up on you guys. πŸ™‚

    Feel better, Tim–those eye infections are painful!

  2. Grandma Clute

    What a cutie! It was so much fun to see him this week. He is changing so quickly and is the happiest and most content baby I’ve ever seen! Can’t wait to hold him again.

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