Cranky and Stressed

I have been on edge lately with this whole we are moving but can not buy a house thing. Tim has been doing his best to keep out of the way and not add fuel to the fire. I was have a bad morning and kept pestering Tim through email if he had heard anything yet (like he wouldn’t call ASAP when he does hear!)

Anyways… to put a smile on my face and get me to stop worrying about losing our house he sent me this email:

If the monitor looks dirty at home, click this link. It should clean it:

3 thoughts on “Cranky and Stressed

  1. Jess

    That is pretty cute. In Kyle’s and my ongoing discussion about whether or not to get a dog this spring, this picture made me want one more and would urge Kyle to say, “maybe next year.” I’ll keep it in my pocket for now. 🙂

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