Busy, Busy Boys!

My boys never cease to amaze me. Not only do they look like they’ve gotten bigger every single time I come home from work, but they have days where they completely blow me away. Take the past couple days for instance.

It started yesterday when I got a frantic call at work from Meg. She told me that Michael was hitting Patrick (he doesn’t do it on purpose, he just gets really excited around his little brother), and so she had to put him in “timeout” in his crib. He usually cools off after a minute, and Meg goes back into the nursery and lets him out. Well this time, while Meg was consoling a crying Patrick, and Michael was supposed to be in his crib waiting through his timeout, Michael decided he wasn’t waiting for mom to come back. Apparently Michael just showed up behind Meg and started playing again! He climbed out of his crib on his own!

I guess he somehow swings his legs over his head, and hoists himself over the rail, then lowers himself down. Needless to say we’ve lowered his crib as far as we possibly can (which is only another couple inches). So far we haven’t seen him running out of his nursery in the middle of the night, but we may need to soon move him into a toddler bed. Crazy kid.

Then today Patrick started doing this:
As I said, busy boys.And if that wasn’t enough, tonight when Meg and I were in the nursery, (her rocking Patrick, and me lowering Michael’s crib), we hear Michael squeal out in the living room, then shortly after that he comes running around the corner with no diaper on! He took it off himself.I need to stop posting, because I’m expecting a half naked screaming boy to come running out of the nursery any minute.

6 thoughts on “Busy, Busy Boys!

  1. Grandma Clute

    Yeah Patrick!!! It is really cool that his big brother was cheering him on. We can’t wait to see them this weekend!

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