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Meg and I just got back from watching Juno (thanks to Meg’s parents watching the boys for us), and I highly recommend watching it.  It is an excellent movie that deserves all of the praise it’s been getting and more.

 After the movie, Meg and I settled down with a couple glasses of wine to watch 30 Rock on our Netflix instant watch account.  Since the instant watch feature isn’t really instant, we decided to surf the internet while waiting for the show to load.  I asked Meg what she wanted me to look up, and she said “I don’t know something…”.  Being the smartass that I am, I googled “something”, and this website came up. 


3 thoughts on “Cool stuff

  1. Tim

    Nope, just stumbled across it. Single word, common name URL’s are expensive too. Some one spent some money on it that’s for sure.

    Cool nonetheless.

  2. Ben

    I think it was worth it… I’m gonna pull that one on Carmen.

    By the way… Steve and I just finished a game of AE3.

    We missed you!

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