Moving update

Here is the most recent plan. There is a very likely chance that things will change again, but for now this is what is going on:

We have to be out of the apartment by Feb 16th. This is due to the Landlord taking advantage of us yet again. Long story short; We told him we would be moving out by Feb 25th, but it could be as soon as Feb. 16th and we would let him know as soon as we knew what date we were moving. He decided to ignore the later date and rent out the apartment for the 16th.

Movers are coming Feb 14th to pack us up and then again on the 15th to load all the stuff and put into storage (because we have no place to live!)

On the 15th after Tim gets off work, we are heading to Grand Forks for Beth’s 21st Birthday Extravaganza! We will be there until Sunday where we will then caravan to Minot with my folks. The next day (Monday, Presidents Day) my mom will watch the boys and I will drive Tim to Bismarck (because the Corolla is there still) Drop him off at his hotel and pick Lucy up from the kennel, turn around and head back to Minot.

I will be in Minot with the boys and Lucy until the MN project is finally finalized and we can start bidding on a house (our fav. house is still on the market, keep crossing your fingers for us!)

I think that is it. Who knows, things could all change this afternoon. For now, those are the plans.

6 thoughts on “Moving update

  1. Christine

    How frustrating. I hope everything works out. And I think that you should finally give that landlord a piece of your mind.

  2. Ben

    IF you guys need a place to store stuff… or to hang out for a week…or whatever… Just let us know!


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