House update with pictures!

To make up for the lack of updates lately, we decided to empty our quickly filling camera, and even put together a small video for you guys. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to post to the website, then to talk to everyone who wants to know whats going on with our currently busy lives, so check back for news.

Right now the news on the house is that we’ve put a bid on our fixer-upper, and since the house is owned by the bank, it’s going to take at least until tomorrow to find out if it’s even been sold yet or not, so cross your fingers for us.

Now for pictures and video:



Here is the house we’re looking at. Be sure to check out the rest of the pictures of the inside.

And here is a picture of Michael, just because.

And here is where we are living now…

3 thoughts on “House update with pictures!

  1. Grandma Clute

    The house doesn’t look like much of a fixer-upper to me. It looks great! Keep those pictures and videos coming – we love them.
    Good Luck today – I’m sure everything will work out and soon you’ll be settling into your first house – Yeah! love, dad and mom

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