A represtative from Inspecta-Homes (I thought it was a pretty clever name)went through the house with us yesterday and besides a few very minor issues the house recieved a clean bill of health!

We close tomorrow at 10am.

Tomorrow we will be home owners!

Tim contacted the moving company and we hope to be getting our stuff in the next few days. Until then we will be cleaning and getting organized. I can’t wait to get the boys in their own room, mostly I can’t wait to get Patrick out of ours! 🙂

As of tomorrow we will no longer be in house limbo. We will be able to settle down for a few years (5 for sure, maybe longer). Lucy will have a backyard to run in (and maybe even shed a few pounds of that “baby” weight she has put on). The boys will have lots of room to run too. And Tim and I will finally have a place we are proud to call home 🙂


3 thoughts on “Inspecta-Homes

  1. Steve

    Congratulations! I’m glad you will finally have a place to call your own. (and without a creepy landlord)

  2. Rachel

    CONGRATS!!! Have fun getting settled into a beautiful home! Take Care… Love you all!

  3. Grandma clute

    CONGRATULATIONS – your home is wonderful! We’re soooo proud of your accomplishments. Have fun! Love, mom and dad

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