5 Month Check up

Before I give you PJ’s stats I have to rave about our new hospital.

I honestly didn’t think that we would find a clinic/hospital that we liked as much as Mid Dakota Clinic and St. Alexius. We really liked it there and felt comfortable. We loved our pediatrician.

This morning I took Patrick to HealthEast Clinic of Woodbury (the larger suburb just north of Cottage Grove). I was a little nervous because we couldn’t get into an actual pediatrician for a month and PJ was already behind on his shots so we had to make the appointment with a Nurse Practitioner. I am so glad it worked out the way it did. She, Laura Benike, was incredible. She took her time. Answered all my questions. I never felt rushed or like I had a stupid question. I don’t think I will even try to get into the pediatrician unless it was necessary. From now on all our routine check ups will be with her!

And back to Patrick.

He is a little behind in his weight gain so we now are starting to supplement with formula. He has started rice cereal and loves it. She found the same heart murmur that Michael has and says as long as he gets his weight up she doesn’t think he will need the echo that Michael had to have.

He of course hated the shots but took them like a champ. He is still such a great, content, happy baby. We are blessed to have 2 wonderful and happy boys.

We will get pictures up as soon as the main computer is up and running. For now you will just have to imagine how big Patrick has gotten and how bad Michael’s face looks with his first big boo boo.

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