Pictures soon

The computer which was damaged in the move should be coming back online tonight, so expect lots of pictures and videos soon.

3 thoughts on “Pictures soon

  1. Mom

    Hi Just wanted to say Hi….and hope all is well. Hope you got my notes and that everyone is well. We really missed you all at Easter….and had wonderful worship services and lots of C & E people for worship….we’re glad to have them when ever…..Jon’s ankle is doing fine, Steve had a good trip up to GF in spite of weather..Rachel had to work……we are now watching weather in St. Paul area….and news which is pertinent…NPR always has news about your area…yesterday they interviewed a fellas from Cottage Grove….Any luck on finding a good church…do hope you won;t be a a mega church…where you end up with a number and folks don’t miss you if you don’t get there regularly…..writ to me or call…miss you…. Mom

  2. Meg

    Ok. sorry. It will take a bit longer than expected. Another part of the computer broke and we are waiting for yet another part to come in the mail. 🙁 Until then, Patrick is huge and Michael has become a trouble maker!

  3. Jess

    I went to a technology conference this week and one of the keynotes talked about how and he and his wife have “Amish” weekends where they turn off phones, Internet, and tv. I don’t think I have the strength, but do you guys feel like you guys have been in that experience with the move and broken computer? People swear it’s liberating once you adapt. I’m not sure…

    Miss your posts–the absence has forced me to stop surfing and do my homework. Sick and wrong! Enjoy exploring your new area.

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