Backyard and City Fun

Saturday was gorgeous here in Cottage Grove. The high (according to the 4Runner on our 831st trip to Home Depot) was 66 degrees! We spent almost the whole day working on our hole and mound. We made a HUGE dent. I would say about 40% of the mound has been moved back to the hole. We dug the trench for the edging for under the deck, and we put landscaping fabric under the biggest section of the deck. We got a lot accomplished.

I will get pics up asap so you can be wowed at our hard work!

Sunday it rained. All day.

We got ready and were on the road by 8:15 and actually made it to a 8:30 church service across town. The pastor was good but we are looking for a younger congregation so we are going to keep on hunting for the right fit for us.

After church we stopped at home for diaper changes, juice and bottle then headed to Woodbury.

These were our discoveries from our rainy Sunday morning trip to Woodbury.

Jamba Juice— Mmmm! So very good. Tim describes it as the Starbucks for non-coffee drinkers. It is so nummy.

Leann Chin— We ate here for lunch. It had great egg rolls and really good sesame seed chicken. Michael, of course, ate his weight in noodles. That kid would eat an entire adult size helping of noodles if we let him!

Kowalski’s Market— This market we have been eyeing since our first trip to Woodbury. It is a high end grocery store with the best looking produce I have ever seen (naturally, excluding the produce from the cabin!) It offered a huge amount of organic foods and things that you wouldn’t find in normal super markets. So great. I could have spent 2 hours there. Unfortunately, Michael didn’t care so much about the organic fruits and vegetables. All he wanted was Trader Joe’s dried *apples.

Last night Tim and I finally got to watch Sweeny Todd. It was fantastic, nothing will beat seeing it on stage in London, but the movie was so very good! The music…the story… What can I even say besides Sondheim is a genius!

We also watched Enchanted. It was a very cute movie. I can proudly say that I picked out the voice of Ariel from the animated Disney movie. I can recite that movie by heart. It pretty much played on a loop in our house growing up! I can’t even can’t the number of times I jumped out of the water singing AH AH AH. She is the reason I have always and still do want to be a red head!

*Michael now says Apple! It is his first two sylable word! He has been working on baby but can’t quite get the second b in there. Apple, however, he has mastered and asks for apples ALL the time.

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  1. Kristen

    Oh Meg! I forgot that you always wanted to be a redhead…that explains the hair dying adventure we had while your parent’s were at work!


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