Michael is talking!

These are his words:

aminal (animal)
dahc (dog)
papa (grandpa)
anma (grandma)
fffii *insert spray of spit* (fish)

Sounds he is relating to objects:

Mahh (Cow)
Mehh (Goat)
Meeah (Cat)
Baaa (Sheep)
Vrrmmm (Car)

Patrick is getting really big and is FASCINATED by everything Michael does. Patrick doesn’t need toys, he just needs to be looking at Michael. He can’t get enough of his big brother.

I know it is hard to be missing all the milestones. We are trying to figure out when we will take a chunk of vacation so we can make the rounds to see all our family this summer, until then we will keep video and pics coming. Oh, and of course, you are all welcome to visit anytime!

Here are the most recent pics.

2 thoughts on “WORDS WORDS WORDS

  1. Grandma Clute

    Everyone looks sooo happy and settled in. I can tell by the pictures you are all loving it there.

    BUT we can’t tell you how much we are missing you all.

    Thanks for posting – Barry just said last night that “there’d better be pictures pretty soon!”

    The boys are getting sooo big (not you Tim)! the mural looks awesome and Meg – you look great!

    Love, Dad & Mom clute

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