Four Finnish Cellist playing heavy metal… A little strange I know, but back in my freshman year of college I got addicted to it. A week after moving into our new house, I heard on the radio that Apocalyptica was in town, and I knew we had to go see them. If you still have trouble putting Heavy Metal and Cellos together, watch the video below:

The concert was at the Fine Line Music Cafe in downtown Minneapolis. It was a relatively small area (especially for a concert), and the band was right at everyone’s fingertips. The concert started 30 minutes late, but as soon as they stepped out on the stage, the crowd bristled with energy. We were able to get a few pictures, but they of course don’t do the concert justice.

I have a lot of respect for someone who has the dexterity to play a guitar with the speed required for heavy metal, but I have never seen anyones finger move as fast as these guys on their cellos.

I love living in the cities!

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