I don’t know how or why it happens.

I take my vitamin, eat healthy, exercise, get outside and work, get plenty (as much as you can when every other night (thanks Tim!) you are on baby duty) of sleep. But I still get sick. It is not fare (fair?).

I am beginning to think that it is the lack of ice cream in the house. Now before you scoff, hear me out.

I am trying to eat healthier and get back in shape (if you can say back when I haven’t been “in” since High School). And every time I hit a plateau, get frustrated and make a very conscious effort to recommit I decide that instead of buying icecream I should stock the freezer with frozen yogurt and fruit bars. Then, just a few days after making the switch, I get a cold.

The two may be completely unrelated but I believe that the ice cream varriable is the only thing that changes. My days are pretty scheduled and monotonous except for the occasional (every time Biggest Loser, Brothers and Sisters or Grey’s Anatomy comes on) bowl of ice cream at night in front of the TV…

Scientifically, I don’t think there is any other way to explain my random colds… it has got to be my body seeking revenge for cutting out the ice cream. And really, should I be denying my body something that it craves… I DO NOT THINK SO!

This afternoon the boys and are going to go get icecream to cure my cold!

3 thoughts on “Blah!

  1. Jess

    I say add the ice cream back in. I agree about giving the body what it craves. In my life for the past few months, it’s been chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and bigger pants. Meg, I’ll join your fitness effort when finals week is over and we can comisserate over email, but celebrate with chocolate ice cream. Really, what is the point of all that work without reward?

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