Do Rae Me


We got a PIANO!

A great (weird, very weird) family in Cottage Grove sold us this beautiful 1893 Weber Piano.

*the picture is from the sellers house, no, we did not paint any more walls yellow!

It is an old piano but they took incredible care of it. It isn’t the best piano but I am not that great of a player so it is as good as I need. It is tuned and ready to go.

It is wonderful to have music in the house (even if it is Michael squealing with delight has he bang (GENTLY!) on the keys!)

As great as it is to have the piano, the process of getting it in our home was more fun. The first attempt (nothing is ever simple when I am involved) I bribed all of Tim’s co-workers, 6 of them total, with food and a video game night and beer in lieu of them moving the piano for me. Then the truck we tried to rent to move the piano axle had broken. We still served tacos to the guys and 2 of their wives and the boys played video games until midnight.

Two nights later I was able to bribe the two wifes back with a promise of pizza and a board game night. They drug their husbands along to help move the piano. After the piano was moved, the boys did a fantastic job by the way, we stuffed our selves with pizza and had a blast playing board games until 3 am!

Gotta go, Michael is not using gentle touches on the piano!

One thought on “Do Rae Me

  1. Christine

    Oh! I am soooo jealous of you. I’ve been begging and begging Joe to help me find one. I would even settle for an electric as long as it had a full keyboard. Happy piano playing!

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