PJ 6 month/8 month check up

PJ finally got for his 6 month shots and well check. He is growing and is right where he should be on the growth chart. The CPN did hear a heart murmur but she assured me it is nothing to worry about and they will keep a close watch on it over the next few check ups.

He is now 18.6 lbs! No wonder his car seat has seemed so heavy.

Between PJ and Michael I should be buff in no time. Lugging these growing boys around is all the weight training I need!

PJ is also hitting all the developmental milestones. Sigh. He is crawling (leap frogging) all over. All he wants to do is move. He can’t get enough of his big bro, and everything he gets a hold of goes straight to his mouth to ease his teething. He has 6 teeth now!

It is true what “they” say. The second one grows up even quicker than the first.

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