Never Run with Scissors….

unless you are trying to cut a toddler’s hair!

The neighbors must have thought I was torturing Michael last night. I literally had to chase Michael while trying to trim his hair. He was in desperate need of a haircut. He could barely see through his bangs. The last haircut he had was at a Kids Hair place in Woodbury and the experience was far from successful. He was terrified and I vowed then and there not to take him to get his haircut professionally until he was at least 15!

Anyways, Michael finally calmed down when I stripped him down to his diaper and put him in his pool that is now filled with water AND balls on our deck. He still didn’t hold still so I had to follow him around (wadding through the water) until he would bend over and pick up a ball (this was the only time he wasn’t stomping like an elephant or splashing like a fish) then and only then could I snip a lock of hair.

Needless to say his hair look ridiculous  but at least it is out of his eyes again!

I will try and post some pics later.

One thought on “Never Run with Scissors….

  1. Jess

    Definitely waiting for the photos of this! Way to stick with it Meg–no one can say you’re a quitter! 🙂 I think I may have been tempted to grab the clippers in that situation–your patience and resolve are quite impressive.

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