Time to celebrate your Irish heritage.

The Clutes have the Hostfest where we shovel as much klub and lefse into our bodies as possible.

The best option for the Irish in the Midwest is the Irish Fair of Minnestota. I don’t know a whole lot about it but I assume that there is Guinness. I know the music will be fantastic. Flogging Molly (one of Tim’s favorites, that was surprisingly introduced to him through my mom via an employee of hers) will be there this year.

Tim and I are going to find a way to get there the night they perform. He doesn’t even know I am planning this (he went to get pizza after I ruined dinner for us…oops) So, anyone who wants to join the fun. Let us know. Our basement is open. No rock hauling this time either 🙂

Non-Shannon and Non-Irish are welcome also… just let us know if you are planning on coming.

Quote from the website

Come by, listen to the music, watch the dancers and even enjoy a pint
or two! All the activities and events at the Fair are completely FREE

I will do some more searching but from what both Tim and I can tell, all the entertainment is free Guinness is extra!

Flogging Molly is on the 8th and 9th. I do not know the times though. I will post more info as I find it out.

If you are interested in coming let us know.

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  1. Mom

    Hi T & M….taking Dad to J for his B-17 trip this afternoon…will miss you all , love to you and my Gbabies…Mom

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