I am lost.

Michael has decided he wants to be a big boys like Elmo. We rented the video called Elmo’s Potty Time thinking it would be a good idea to start exposing Michael to the potty lingo.

It back fired.

Michael no longer wants to wear a diaper.

Saturday morning, Sunday nap, and this morning he took off his diaper and decided to sleep au’ natural. Of course, he woke up in puddles. In fact, this morning I had to throw away 2 books that he slept with and soaked.

He knows when he has to go… i think. He grabs his diaper and siays DIA-PAAAR and PEEEE PEEEE. What we havn’t figured out is if this means that he has to go or he has gone.

He will sit on the potty bare bottomed but has yet to go on it.

He likes the potty so much that he carries it around with him… everywhere.

I don’t know what to do. I wasn’t prepared for this yet. I havn’t read a single book on it.

Uff Da!

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