Day Two Recap

Not nearly as sucessful with the potty on day 2 BUT he didn’t take off his pull up diaper durring nap so that was progress. The trick to keeping the diaper on is to put b r i e f s on top of the diaper…. Now more than ever, I wish I knew what he was thinking in that head of his 😉

This morning Michael slept in until 9:15. He kept his diaper on all night (with briefs over top) and was not soaked through either. When I put him on the potty e looked at me like I was crazy and requested a “DIIAAA-PAAAR!”

So now, I don’t know. Do I keep trying to potty train or just say this was a “false start” (that is what the book I bought would categorize this as)


2 thoughts on “Day Two Recap

  1. Jess

    I have no clue about the ins and outs of potty training, but many of my friends’ little boys have had false starts, so don’t get discouraged!

  2. Mom

    There is no such thing as a false start, Meg. It is all progress…you are doing great…potty training is more about parental conditioning and positive re-enforcement..then anything else…it takes time…summer is great time to start. Bless u.. lv Mom

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