Happy 4th

Independence Day!

We started off the day with what we considered a festive fourth plan. We were going to go to a family owned and operated orchard in Afton, Afton Apples Orchard, to pick strawberries.  They advertise hay rides, play ground, petting zoo, straw mountain and a  cow train. We thought it would be a blast for Michael to play in the hay, feed animal, eat strawberries and just run around. I even packed a picnic lunch.

We got there and the  cow train wasn’t set up yet. The hay ride, oversized play ground, petting zoo and straw mountain were all in the apple orchard area which wouldn’t open until August, when apples came into season.

We ended up taking the scenic route home and ate our picnic lunch at our kitchen table.

We put the boys down for their nap, and just a few minutes later the neighbor boys starting shooting off bottle rockets. Apparently, it is legal in Cottage Grove to shoot off fireworks from your driveway. Crazy.

The boys didn’t nap.

The neighbor boys switched from fireworks to swimming for their fourth of July fun right after we let the boys out of their crib and gave them snack (Thanks Ruth for the cookies, Michael loves them!)

The rest of the afternoon Tim and I worked  on little projects while Steve (who is visiting for the long weekend) played with the boys.

The boys went down early for bed, exhausted from the lack of nap and playing in the backyard.

Steve, Tim and I mustered all the energy we could to eat dinner. Tim and Steve are out getting Dairy Queen right now, and I am trying to to fall asleep at the keyboards. Lucky for me, the neighbor boys are shooting off fireworks again to help me stay awake.

I have become my mother. 7pm I started getting dazed and it is now 8:45 and I am fighting back the yawns and becoming slightly delirious and unable to focus, counting the hours until I can crawl into bed, read my Lauraine Snelling book, and fall asleep with my glasses askew (the glasses part is me, my mom doesn’t wear glasses. She should, but she can never find them.)

As much as it sounds like it was a bad day, it was actually fun.

It is always great having family here. Michael loves playing with Steve and keeps pointing to his badly sun burned face saying, “Owwie?!!”

Patrick smiles whenever you make eye contact and cries when you leave the room (it is great to be loved but it is making bed time a bit more difficult.)

Lucy has been shedding all over the place and underfoot all afternoon because the fireworks scare her.

Overall it was a fun day. A good fourth of July.

5 more days and PJ is 9 months!

6 more days and Michael is 2 YEARS OLD!

Ooo. The men are back with ice cream!

One thought on “Happy 4th

  1. Mom

    So glad for the TLC for our burned Steve….he needs a little compassion….everyone really got burned at the the air fair..and yet, they had a ball.
    Jamestown’s 125 fireworks were the best I’ve ever seen…we had to leave before the parade this am for work here in GF..but did see Ben’s awesome float. Glad you like the cookies and Uncle Steve’s visit…Happy almost b-day Michael D….. lv u all

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