Thank You!

Thank you Uncle Jon and Uncle Steve for ALL the BALLS! I figured out how to work the zipper and now I can open up the big bag of balls whenever I want. I carry the little football around with me everywhere. It is my favorite ball right now. Did you know I can say football now? I can!

I love BALLS!

Thank you Grandma Moo for the tractor. I Like the farmer hiding in the haystack. It makes me giggle everytime!

Thank you Grandpa Bux and Sherlene. Mom made me put the money in my savings for college someday. I don’t know what college is but thank you anyway! 🙂

Thank you Auntie Buff for everything, mostly for hanging out with me though. I love wrestling with you and you are my favorite person to go swimming with!

Thank you Christensens for the fire trucks. I love how noisy they are. I try to scare PJ with them but he doesn’t even flinch. He likes the trucks too. Mostly he just drools on them. I take them away every time I see him playing with them. They are mine after all! Mom loves the clothes you sent. She says I will fit in them until I am at least 3!

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Clute for coming down to see me. I loved going to the zoo. Grandpa, I hope your shoulders are not too sore from caring me on them all day. Seeing the fish were my favorite part. Grandma I love the puzzle you made me. I can find Saturn, the Sun, the Moon, Earth and Mars now. Mom says I am smart. Thank you for all the books. My favorite is the one with Elmo and balls. I like all the toys too. But mostly I like when you come visit. Hurry back. I miss you already!

Thank you again to Grandma and Grandpa Shannon. I love the chairs. Mom has them sitting in the piano room so I can can sit in them and read books. I ate all the cookies (not at once though, Dad said I would get a tummy ache if I did that. He was nice enough to help me eat them too.) Nummy Cookie 🙂



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