Meg! How are you? What have you been up to lately?

some have asked I will answer:

posting: pics. In one week we took over 1500 pictures. Granted it was Michael’s 2nd birthday, but seriously.

thinking: I should put the camera down and enjoy life from in front of the lens not from behind it. But if I did that, who would take all the pictures….

packing: I will admit that Tim and I have enjoyed not having to travel every weekend. The distance is a mixed blessing. We don’t get to see family as much but we do get to have our own family time, at home, in our own house and not have to live out of a suitcase.  That said, we do miss you all.

wishing: i wasn’t a born procrastinator. I actually started this post a couple days ago… who knows when I will finally post it.  Also I wish I was a better speller. Blogging would go much quicker if every word I typed didn’t have that darn red squiggly under it.

dreaming: I have been dreaming about landscaping. Weird. I know. I have become my mother. I wake up all excited to tell Tim about my (our, because it usually involves heavy lifting of some sort) next project.

diapering: enough said.

potty training: Michael gets it. He wants to wear big boy und er we ar, timing is now the problem. I think we will start again after we get back from Jamestown.

parenting: I don’t even know what to say. Some days I feel like I should be getting awards and writing advice columns on how to be the best mom ever. Other days, I feel like I should call social services on myself. I am not kidding. Michael is a walking bruise. That poor kid is even more accident prone than his father. I guess that is the essence of parenting… the most I can do is hope for more award winning days than days that end with me wanting to curl up in bed and hide under the covers with a good book and stay there until PJ is 18!

loving: loving my life and my boys even more every day. When Patrick smiles my heart melts. When Michael tries to sing along to nursery rhymes it is all I can do to not laugh (he tries so hard and does not like to be laughed at when singing.) And Tim. Well, when I said yes (that is still up for debate. I think that taking the ring implies “Yes.” Tim on the other hand is still waiting for an answer) I never imagined how great life would be… He tries my patience and pushes all my buttons but I leave the cereal box out and always make sure to interrupt him while he is reading at least once, so we are even. 🙂 It

living: I couldn’t ask for a better neighborhood. It makes day to day living so much more fun.

cooking: somedays I love it somedays I loathe it. We got a grill at the beginning of the summer and have been experimenting with that. So far I have over cooked chicken, under cooked brats but I nailed the BBQ Ribs.

cleaning: as little as possible. I do my best (most of the time) but it is hard to keep up with it all. I love having all the space, but it is a lot more to clean. And man oh man does Michael go through a lot of dishes.

shopping: Target. I live at Target. There are few things we need to survive that Target does not sell.

timing: I broke down and bought a kitchen timer for Michael’s time out spot. I no longer have to count to 120 every time he goes into time out.

planning: as little as possible but that proves to be a problem with two little ones and a husband who can’t put together a work outfit let alone pack for a vacation.

ellipticaling: My favorite thing to do at the Y. I love it. My favorite machine overlooks the swimming pool and now that it is summer time there are little kid swimming lessons going on while I am at the gym. I love watching them learn to blow bubbles and float.

reading: Lauraine Snelling. I can not get enough of her series on the Norwegian immigrants.

watching: Weeds, Mad Men, Swing Town, Jon and Kate Plus 8 (my absolute favorite show) and anything on DIY, HGTV and TLC

renting: every chance I get I sneak a chick flick into our cue. Recently, I watched In the Land of Women (pretty good, different than expected) Definetly Maybe(not that good) and Chuck and Larry (alright, cute, fun but a little annoying. Sometimes Adam Sandler is just to much for me)I do have to admit that I have been enjoying many of the Sci Fi flicks Tim has been putting in our cue! Jumper was kind of fun, there are others but I don’t remember what they were called. Something with monsters, aliens, time travel or space or any combination of those are what Tim likes to watch. It is a constant battle to get the movie I want to the top of the cue.

drinking: as much iced tea as my body can hold. I have become addicted to sun tea this summer. The past two summers I was pregnant so I couldn’t have more than a glass a day. Ah caffeine… I couldn’t make it through the day with out it.

sleeping: never enough sleep, in fact… that is where I am heading now. I have to get a few chapters of Thorlif in before bed.

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