Mama’s Helper

Michael has become mama’s little helper/tattle tail (tale?) Now, whenever PJ is getting into something he shouldn’t be (Lucy’s water dish, eletrical cords, etc) Michael comes running up to me pulling on my leg yelling NO NO NO NO! And will not stop saying NO NO until Igo over and see/stop what PJ is doing!

3 thoughts on “Mama’s Helper

  1. Tim

    It is hilarious. Patrick even listens to Michael every now and then, but if PJ wants something bad enough, he’ll do it anyway.

  2. Grandma Clute

    It is only just begun! It sounds like Patrick is really coming into his own. You will have lots of years of tattling ahead of you! I can’t believe how much they’re changing and growing –

    Love, grandpa and grandma clute

  3. Beth

    oh my gosh!! that’s hilarious…i wonder if they will turn out like us two and tattle on each ALL the time!! haha. hope i can see you guys soon.

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