Eat my Bubbles!

Even Michael is getting into the Olympic spirit.

We were watching recaps of last nights relay race (under 7 minutes, crazy!) and Michael kept yelling,


He loves the swimmers best, just like his Papa! His favorite was when Michael Phelps was swimming and everyone kept saying Go Michael, Great Job Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael.

I love the Olympics! I am addicted. They make me cry for joy, literally. I do not have an athletic bone in my body but all I can do is think about all the hard work that goes into every event. The cameras pan to the proud parents, I cry. The cameras pan to the disappointed gymnast who lost the team gold for the Americans, I cry. (that poor girl, I can’t even imagine what she was thinking!) I have even cried at the Morgan Freeman voice over commercials, and yes, even the McDonalds ones with the kids playing soccer.

I love the Olympics.I don’t want them ever to end!

Go Bubbles!

2 thoughts on “Eat my Bubbles!

  1. Rachel

    Good! At least I’m not the only one that cries when I watch the Morgan Freeman commercial! šŸ˜€

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