Happy Monday

The week days have become vacation to Tim and I. It is nice to take a break from the deck and just hang out with the boys all day.

Michael is picking up on words left and right and is putting them together into 2-3 word phrases. He is still a tattle tail and has made a friend. The little girl across the street is just a couple months older than Michael and they play together almost every day. Together they are learning the concept of sharring.

Patrick is pulling up on everything now. He walks when holding your fingers and can crawl up the stairs with no problem. He is babbling and picking up new consenates all the time. He says Mama, Dada, Papa, Baba, and of course motor boats like a champ. He is so much fun to watch play.  He is discovering new things all the time. No wonder he sleeps all the time, every day is an adventure!

Patrick is now eating a lot more solids too. He eats buttered noddles. In fact, the other day he was eating buttered noodles and his hands and bottle got so slippery that he could hold the bottle any more. Everytime the bottle shot out of his hands he would start crying and get mad at me! He is so funny. When he is mad he scrunches his nose up just like his big brother. They both look so much like Beth when they scrunth their noses 🙂

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    p.s. Tim changed things and made uploading pics hard so now I can’t upload with out help! Sorry, you will have to wait until tonight after we are done with deck stuff.

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