Tim is hosting video game night tonight. Tim will be in all his geeky glory and I will be hiding upstairs watching Veronica Mars. Ben and Carmen were kind enough to loan me their copies of the show a couple of weeks ago. I am on the 3rd season now. I can’t help it I am addicted. I want to be Veronica Mars.

Saturday morning Michael and I get the morning together to finger paint. It will be messy but fun. I am not sure what Tim and Patrick are doing, but I am guessing it will involve the wii.

We also plan on finishing staining the deck. I can’t wait to see how it will look and to get all our furniture off the lawn and back up on the deck! What we have done so far looks great.

Another weekend of projects. We are closing in on the outdoor projects (just in time for fall!) Then we get to start working inside, Yeah!!!

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