disastrous doctors appointment

and I thought we were almost in the clear….

This morning Michael and Patrick were looking much better. Michael was still coughing a little and both of them had a little bit of a runny nose. But VAST improvement from earlier in the week. Also, Michael had a small rash on his diaper area. No biggy. I am a seasoned pro at this by now. A little A&D and extra diapers changes and everything will be fine.

At 9 it wasn’t fine, it was worse. At 11 it had spread to his chest. By noon it was on his back working it way up the back of his neck.

Not a diaper rash.

I called and got him a doctors appointment for 1:45 (miracle we could get in today)

I, of course, spent the next hour scouring the internet for possible reasons why this would be happening. All signs pointed to measles.  Not good.

I went into the doctor with the boys strapped in to the tandem stroller (greatest invention. WAY better than sliced bread. could not survive with out it) We waited (of course) and waited (again, no surprise there)

Finally we got in and Michael was weighed. Down 5 lbs from his 2 yr check up. He has had no appetite and the scale showed it. Michael was so scared of the nurse he became hysterical and stayed that way for the next hour and a half we were in the docs office.

Because of the state he was in they were not able to get an accurate temp on him and he wouldn’t hold still so they could listen to his chest. When she (Dr. Shireen) swabbed his throat for the strep culture he vomited everywhere. It took two nurses and myself to hold him down and still after 3 attempts they were not able to get enough blood to test for measles. The Dr did the best she could to assure me that she thought that it was an allergic reaction and most likely not measles. Her best wasn’t very good. I am still worried. Less worried, but worried none the less.

Now the good news. The spots are larger than the average measles size spots. He doesn’t have strep throat. He doesn’t have a bad fever (no number to make that certain but he feels much cooler than yesterday)And the Dr. thinks it is just an allergic reaction and gave us to prescriptions that should cure him

Bad news: he is not allergic to anything that we know of. Tim and I are not allergic to anything. She spent more time covering the warning signs of if it was measles (besides the rash out break) and what to do if something changes for the worse.

For now I am pumping him full of liquids and waiting to give him is meds.

Poor kid. He is exhausted. He was scared. He is sick.

And worst of all, he now has a worrying mother hovering over his every move constantly inspecting him for the “bad signs” and trying to cuddle with him!

An update:

I didn’t think the day could get any worse…

I was able to get michael to eat about 5 bites of mac and cheese and he drank lots of pedialite to get rehydrated.

I put PJ down for bed and the chaos started.

I tried to give MIchael his meds and with in seconds he vomited everything up all over the place. It scared him so he started getting hysterical again and was mad at me for trying to give him the vile meds. I stripped him down put him in the bath to wash him clean, he slipped in the tub, landed face first on the corner of the tub, sliced open his lip, started bleeding profusely.

I finally got the bleeding to stop by having him suck on a cold wet towel.

I gave up on the meds, put him in pajamas and in front of Cars (the Pixar movie). He was content laying on the ground with his blanky while I started the phone calls. The jerk of a pharmacist said the the meds were fine it was Michael’s stomach. He should stay up for a few hours (it was already 6 and Michael had not napped all day, no way he could stay up for another couple hours) and try the meds again. I got off the phone with him, comforted Michael by rocking him in the recliner and watching Cars with him until Tim got home. Then I called ask a nurse, she was wonderful. She took her time explained the meds were vile tasting (I checked, they were. I even spit them out) and told us to let him sleep. Try meds again in morning.

It is morning now. I am waiting for Michael to wake up so I can try to get his meds down him. The nurse suggested hiding the meds in syrup…

so here we go again…

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  1. Jess

    We’re thinking of you guys. Thank goodness it’s almost the weekend so you can tag-team your sick kiddos. Some pharmacies mix kid’s flavoring into the meds, but it sounds like this pharmacist is putz. Hang in there!!

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