A picture’s worth a thousand words…

Look at the picture above.  What do you think happend.  It’s not hard to guess that Patrick stole one of Michael’s toys, and Michael didn’t want to share.  Just look at the victorious look on Patricks face.  I can already picture them wrestling.

More pictures here.

5 thoughts on “A picture’s worth a thousand words…

  1. Jess

    This is hilarious. Made my whole day. Michael may have victory in being faster, but it looks like Patrick is getting his victories wherever he can.

  2. Tim

    PJ’s foot is in his enormous pants which Meg got so (yes Christine) the boys would be dressed the same.

    Them being dressed the same doesn’t last long, because PJ goes through about 3 outfits for every one of Michael’s.

  3. Beth

    how do you always get such great pictures?!?! do you just walk around with a camera all the time! they’re just classics!!

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