Warning: Boring Post

Nothing is going on.

The boys are making up for a week of lazy sick boys by being terrors.

We have gone through 2 boxes of cereal. Neither of them were eaten. Michael got it in his head that it is practice pouring cereal into a bowl week…

I can’t post pics because of the new set up. My computer doesn’t let me and I avoid going on Tim’s computer at all costs. I just know I would screw up some crutial thing he was working on by acedentally hitting one of the F keys.

Patrick is jabbering a lot. He is in a sepperation anxiety phase. He hates being left alone in a room, even for a second. He also hates that Michael is so much faster than him. It is tough for little Patrick to be his big brother’s shadow when Michael can get around so much faster. Michael runs laps around our main floor and PJ tries so hard to keep up. Everytime Michael turns a corner PJ screams until I pick him up and help him in his high speed persuit or until Michael makes it back around to where PJ is…. wow long winded way to tell the story. Told you it would be a boring post.

My brain is still going at half speed. If you want proof, check out our front lawn. I mowed it in the least effiant way possible. It took me forever and the mowing lines are all over the place.

again, I warned you.

I have nothing more to bore you with.

when Tim gets some free time (which may not be until January. he is so crazy busy at work right now) I will have him post pics from his computer. OR fix my computer so I can post them

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