A little update for Tim: (Tim is in Pittburgh for meetings until Friday. He left yesterday afternoon.)

Michael doesn’t quite understand where Dada is. He does know the word ‘work’ though so I keep saying “Dada at work”, Michael looks at me, studies me for a second and then says, “Okay Okay OKAY!”

Can’t wait until you get back Tim. Travel safe and be extra productive so you don’t have leave us again for a while. But not too productive so they think that you are the one who should always be traveling 😉

Love you!

p.s. PJ is standing on his own more and more with out prompting!

One thought on “Dada?

  1. Mom

    You are a trooper Meg….I have really appreciated all the pictures and videos…..keep up the good work….sleep when the kids sleep…bless u

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