I flew in Friday afternoon from Pittsburgh, but I didn’t get to see Meg and the boys until after work, and by that time it was just Meg.  I love that the boys go to bed so early, but sometimes it can be days before I get to see them if they sleep in in the morning, and I work late.

I was only in Pittsburgh for a day, so I didn’t get to look around much, but what I did see was impressive.  When you think Pittsburgh, you also think steel works, and dirty industrial skyline.  Pittsburgh now is a modern, environmentally friendly city.  The buses where hybrid, the skies were clear, and the downtown was clean.

All in all it would’ve been a good trip, except for when I flew out of Minneapolis.  I only packed my backpack, and a very small garment bag.  The fact that Northwest now charges for ANY checked luggage led me to try and take both of my small peices of luggage as carry-on.  It didn’t occur to me until after I tried to go through security, that my tolietry bag was going to be an issue with the new TSA regulations on liquids.

They pulled me aside, and started unloading my bags in front of everyone.  They ended up taking my shaving cream, and my after shave, but they left my contact solution and… get this… my razor blades!  I was feeling more then a little annoyed at this point, so I decided to press the matter a bit.  I asked why was it ok to bring contact solution and razors, but not shaving cream and aftershave onto a plane.  The security gaurd’s reply was, “They have to let bottles through that say contact solution, because people need it to see, and the TSA has no problems with razor blades, just containers with liquids.”

Next time I fly, I’m taping “contact solution” labels on all of my things.

5 thoughts on “Pittsburgh

  1. Steve

    Security is ridiculous. We all know that terrorists can’t remove their shoes and are made of metal. Welcome back!

  2. Christine

    I hear you. On our way back from Vegas they wouldn’t let me bring a snowglobe on the plane because it contained liquid. They confiscated it. Like I’m a terrorist heading back to ND armed with a snowglobe.

  3. Mom

    Thanks for calling Tim….I am glad you are home to Meg and the Boys….this checking bags and confiscating items will only get more interesting…..so what and who get the contra-band? love u

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