Warning – Political Post!

If you are unsure which candidate to support, check out Glassbooth.org.  You can fill out a quick survey, and it will tell you which candidates share your beliefs at which percentage.

Very cool.

8 thoughts on “Warning – Political Post!

  1. Jess

    This was awesome. It’s cool to try out a nonbiased evaluation to see how it compares to the candidate you’ve been leaning toward. Turns out I was going in the right direction…uh, make that the left direction is the right one for me 🙂 Although, I was surprised to see Ralph Nader come up as a strong candidate to me. I’d overlooked poor Ralph. Bring on the last debate!

  2. Ben

    Very interesting website… and I was more than a little surprised with my results. Nader also came up for me… which goes to show the problems of a 2 party system that only allows you to get know a limited scope of candidate. Why wasn’t Nader in the debates?

  3. Ben

    History Lesson:

    When our forefathers first created the Presidential race, there were no running mates. When Washington one the electoral vote… Adams came in second and was therefor the VP. That way you had to make sure to respect your oponent because chances are you would end of working with him.

  4. Steve

    Thanks for the link. It looks like Cynthia McKinney gets my vote or Nader. I’ve never even heard of Ms. McKinney and is Nader even running?

  5. Jess

    Yep, Nader is running. I voted by mail-in ballot already and I think he and McKinney were both on there.

  6. Tim Post author

    yeah, that’s interesting. I’ve never even heard of McKinney, and Nader’s always there!

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