I was not prepared for this.

Cottage Grove Halloween is NUTS!

By 7pm I sent Tim to the store to get more candy because we had run out. Did I mention we bought 8 bags of candy?! 8 BAGS! BIG BAGS!

I had to turn off the lights! I went and hid over at the neighbors while Tim went to the store. Cottage Grove takes Halloween serious! There was a house around the corner that was handing out beer and turkey legs to adults. I can’t get over it! When I was hiding at the neighbors (everyone hangs out in their drive way in camping chairs with beer) they all laughed and were saying, “Welcome to Cottage Grove” explaining to kids and their parents why the were lights are off at our house, “Oh, this is their first Halloween in Cottage Grove. Their new to Minnesota.”

INSANE the amount of kids. There is a lull right now, so Tim is maning the door and I am posting pics.

The boys were done trick or treating by the time the choas started. Lucy has been in the backyard.

Anyways…(I could go on forever) the real reason you came to the website:

Our lil’ Monsters

the rest here

16 thoughts on “Insane!

  1. Grandma Clute

    TOO CUTE! It sounds crazier than the 205 Halloween days. Thanks for posting – the boys are adorable. My favorite is Patrick in the wagon with Michael holding the handle. Patrick looks like he can’t move!

    Love, Nama clute

  2. Christine

    I’m jealous. We bought five bags of candy and had like five kids. Finally we just gave up and went to see SAW V.

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