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The chilly weather has forced my projects to become indoor projects (except for hanging Christmas lights the day after Thanksgiving, there will be no getting out of that project!)

I am not ready to commit to a color for the entryway or the basement walls, we are saving up the money for the kitchen, and the basement will be a serious undertaking that we are not quite ready for yet. So, I need to scratch the project itch somehow.

The proverbial itch will be scratched with an overhaul of website. Tim is obviously excited at the proscpet of a project being a computer project, so all hands are on deck. That doesn’t exclude the boys.

Patrick has taken it upon himself to make this project more challenging by stealing keys of my laptop. I am now missing the keys:


I am still able to use the 4 and the U but the Zn key is forever busted. Which isn’t that bad since I have no idea what it does. I have asked Tim but loose interest halfway through the explanation.

Michael has been a big helper in the fact that every time I sit down in front of the computer he insists on looking at the pictures of him on the combine!

side note. you can not go wrong with any thing tractor, truck, school bus, race car…really any vechicle for Michael for Christmas!

So back to chores (I love projects semi-loathe chores) I have got to get the house cleaned before the babysitter comes tomorrow night…

Did I mention we are going to see WICKED tomorrow night!??!?!?!

YEAH! We are off to see the Wizard!

Well, more like Galinda and Elphaba, but the Wizard will be there too.

So stay tuned and check back often for the new

4 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Beth

    Have fun!! does the new website allow commenting on each picture?!?! I can’t wait to see you guys again christmas is too far away…

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