Congrats to Us!

A little Congratulations is in order for our family.

For the first time ever:

Tim will be an Uncle!

I will be an Aunt!

Michael and Patrick will be big Cousins!

We are very excited about our new titles. So I think you should congratulate us.

This is big. Very big news! All our other sibling have already been Uncles or Aunts. We have never had the pleasure… so yeah for us. I think it is fantastic. We are very much looking forward to introducing ourselves to our little niece/nephew/cousin come April.

Oh and, thanks to Ben and Carmen. This would not be possible. So thank you. And I guess you deserve a little pat on the back too!


p.s. thanks again Ben and Carmen for the great t-shirt. We will poudly and excitedly wear them while we count down the days to Arpil 19th!

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