New Site Design!

It took us a bit to get everything up and running, but I think you’ll all agree, it’s an improvement.  There are still a few things around the website that need fixing, but for the most part it’s all working.

Anyway, I know many of you have been dying for an update (it’s nice to know you guys enjoy the website so much), so here are the latest pictures.  We’ll post a lot more later we promise.  We might even get a video up soon of a certain cute little blue eyed boy’s first steps.




More here.

6 thoughts on “New Site Design!

  1. Steve

    I love the new website. Both of your kids are growing up so fast but I guess that’s what they do. I can’t wait to see everyone this Thanksgiving.

  2. Beth

    I really like the picture of the four of you when the boys are each trying to hold the vibrating corn. haha

  3. Ben

    One Day till I see my Nephews… Do-Da, Do-Da
    One Day till I see my Nephews… All the Do-Da Day!
    Gonna See them Soon
    Before the next Full Moon
    One Day till I see my Nephews… All the Do-Da Day!!

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