Smile! Say Cheese! Look at the Birdie!

Tim and I finally buckled down and went and got the boy’s picture taken.

Our neighbor arcoss the street opened a photography studio above her garage. We dressed up the boys and headed across the street to Colleen Mckenzie Photography.

We took pics at 11:30, which isn’t the easiest time of day with the boys. But I think they turned out pretty well. I only saw the pics through the picture viewer on the back of the camera, but from what I saw they were great.

Michael was in full terrible two’s toddler mode and refused to stand/sit/lay/be near his brother so she wasn’t able to ge too many pics witht them together.

Colleen was going to post the pics sometime today or tomorrow. Check out her website, click on current clients, then enter this code 48419Wshannonfamily.

2 thoughts on “Smile! Say Cheese! Look at the Birdie!

  1. Nama Clute

    we’re anxiously waiting – we’re hoping they are posted before I leave to Bismarck tomorrow. Dad will join me in Bismarck on Tuesday and then we’ll fly out to the rodeo on Wednesday morning. We will be back late Sunday night. Talk to you soon. Love. mom Clute

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