Santa… Claus…et?

This weekend while we are out grocery shopping, Santa Claus came by, because he thought our boys where cute. Michael was a little scared right away, but he warmed up to Santa quickly. Either due to the fact that Grandpa Shannon has gotten him used to beards, or because he was carrying a basket of Candy Canes.

When we left the store, Michael said “Good bye Santa Closet.”
He’s been saying it ever since.

“Hello Santa Closet”
“Good bye Santa Closet”
“Yummy Santa Closet” – for a while there I think he thought the candy canes where Santa’s
(whispering) “Wow! Santa Closet!”

3 thoughts on “Santa… Claus…et?

  1. Beth

    They are so cute! I can’t wait to see you guys and turning into a little kid again at christmas in about a week!!

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