making a list

Packing it twice…

We are hunkered down today fighting off the croup, ear infections, runny noses and gernal yuckiness. Also, we are packing.

If all goes to plan and the boys are feeling well enough tomorrow we will take off for Minot. We will make a pit stop in Grand Forks to drop off all the Shannon gifts and pick up Beth.

We are hoping to be in Minot by 7-8 o’clock. That is IF the boys feel up for it, the roads are good and there are no other unforeseen crisis.

Road Report looks good in ND and MN right now. We are forcasted for 20 degrees tomorrow, so hopefully that won’t change into blizzard over night!

One thought on “making a list

  1. Beth

    i hope they feel better, i wanna see you guys tomorrow! give them some get well kisses from auntie buff!

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