Almost Picture Perfect

I am sitting across from my parents fire place eyeing the 7 stockings hanging from the mantel and watching Michael “vroom” his matchbox cars. Nama, Papa and Auntie Buffy are watching with smiles on their face. Patrick is sleeping soundly in his den. The only thing missing is my husband.

Tim was suppose to get in this morning on the Amtrack but it was delayed. His train was suppose to leave at 11pm Monday night and arrive in Minot at 8 am. Tim took a Taxi (per my request. i didn’t want the Corolla to sit the Train Station parking lot for 2 weeks) to the station and was waiting for the train when I called at around 11:30 pm with the news the Amtrack website stated that the train would be delayed until 7am Tuesday morning. Tim debated staying the night at the station then decided to just call for a taxi to take him home.

Good thing.

As of 10 this morning the train still hadn’t arrived in Chicago (the stop before St. Paul). Amtrack’s best guess was that the train would arrive in the cities around 6 pm, 19 hours after its original arrival time. Tim decided to just drive. At the rate the train was going (and progress didn’t look good) Tim would most likely miss Christmas Eve service.

Now it is 6:05. Last I heard from Tim it was around 2:30 (I think) he was in Fargo and he had decided to take the Jamestown/Carrington route to Minot.  Roads are looking not bad but not good.

He should be in in the next hour or so.

We are praying for safe roads for you Tim. We need you here to make this Christmas scene picture perfect!

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  1. Megan Post author

    Tim called around 6:30. He was in Carrington. Roads are fine visibility is bad. He should be here around 9pm.

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