the stars are brightly shinning…the sun is out, there is no wind, its warm enough to enjoy outside!

We had a fantastic Christmas morning. The boys raked in the tractors and other vrooming things. Michael got a truck that looks like “Papa Truck!” Patrick got a neat driving toy that is complete with all the bells and whistles (and needs multiple batteries 😉 ) There was wrapping paper flying everywhere!

Santa made a pit stop at the condo after his long night of spreading joy to all the girls and boys around the world. Our boys must have been extra nice this year for Santa to stop in for a visit and personally deliver their gifts! Michael was so excited all he could do was whisper “Santa Claus!” Patrick was really excited and couldn’t stop smiling. Lucy on the other hand got scared and went into protective dog mode. Good thing Santa new Lucy was a good dog and wouldn’t bite otherwise I am sure he would have turned and ran with out leaving the gifts! All turned out well though. Lucy about ripped my shoulder out of its socket trying to get at Santa so I didn’t get to take any pictures but Beth was able to video tape and Tim says he got a few good pics. I will let you be the judge.

The rest of the morning whenever Lucy barked Michael perked up and said, “Santa Claus?”

There were plenty of gifts to go through but everyone was more excited to watch the receiver of their specially chosen gifts open the gifts with an excited smile. (if that sentence didn’t read right, just skip over it. I am tired, didn’t sleep much last night and tonight Dad let me try his fancy cowboy Pendleton whiskey!)

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, we got to go outside! Michael got all dressed up in all his winter gear (PJ was still napping) and we took PJ’s new sled out for a test run. (thanks again Auntie Buff!)

Michael had a blast. The whole condo community could hear Michael yell “GO! MORE!” He went down a small hill a couple dozen times and we pulled him all around the umm…condo area (not sure what it is called) and went up the walking path a bit.

We came back inside just in time to greet Grandpa and Shirlene and help butter more lefsa! I am not even going to try to figure how much butter we have ingested the past 2 days, but it is a lot… more than you think a lot is… i would say double whatever you are thinking and that is almost as much as we have eaten!

Dale, aka Santa Claus (minus the Santa ensemble), Ann, Nathan, Logan and Emily all joined us for dinner too. It was fun to catch up. Nathan is at JC. Tim and my Alma Mater. It is neat to hear what has or hasn’t changed at JC.

Michael and Patrick were the after dinner entertainment and like usual they did not disappoint.

We said our goodbyes, put the boys to bed and pulled out the deck of cards (a Clute family tradition)

Good times had by all.

It is easy to get wrapped up in the season. The season of giving. The season of getting. The season of over indulgence in so many ways. But at the heart of it… the soundtrack to it all, is my favorite part of the season. The music. It is sung by all my favorite artists. Every year my “all time favorite song” changes. That music is the constant reminder to me of what the season is about.

So Happy Birthday Jesus!

And thanks again to all the family for making this such a great (tractor filled) Christmas!

OOoo! P.S. I am blogging from my new Dell Laptop. Tim finally put his foot down and said it was time to retire the old Dell that was his in college and that I inherited when Tim got his work laptop. The old Dell and I had a lot of good times, it treated me well. In the end, I just had to let it go. It was me not it. I like having all the keys on my laptop. I like being able to stay connected to the world wide web once connected. I like to upload pictures in a relitivly timely fasion. I like not running out of battery in 10 minutes. I like… well everything about my new laptop. Sorry ol’ Dell I traded you for a younger, faster, better looking model. Did I mention it is green? Yeah for new Laptops!

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