Michael Translator:

Acesip = Spaceship

Papa Crash Snow Truck = Grandpa plow the snow with you truck

Michael go Buck ride= Michael go for ride on 4 Wheeler

WEEEEEEE = I am having so much fun

Doggy Ruff Ruff = Lucy is barking and chasing the 4 Wheeler.

Michael Go Go = I will not stop going so you don’t stop. ever.

ACESIP! = Do not stop the 4Wheeler, just keep pulling me on this sled that I like to call a spaceship…please!

Patrick Translator:

Ca = Car/ anything that vrooms

Da = Daddy I am cold and want to be picked up

AHH = I love playing in the snow but it is hard to move in all this winter gear

Ba = I just figured out how to walk and they strapped these big boots on me…Ba!

One thought on ““ACESIP”

  1. Armen Shirvanian

    These translations are quite entertaining, and they are probably very accurate in their representations of what is being said at the time. It is a key item to understand, and be in tune with, the needs and desires of very young individuals, and you have shown some examples of that connection here.

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