• be a better wife
  • be a better mom
  • learn how to make buns like my Mom and Grandma
  • cook healthier meals for my family
  • finish all the to do lists that I start
  • go to church every Sunday we are home
  • join church choir
  • officially become members of church
  • be more patient
  • make time for friends (more time than the random emails)
  • take a family vacation just the 4 of us
  • potty train Michael
  • take more pictures  ; )
  • post more pictures!
  • get in good enough shape to keep up with 2 crazy toddler boys!
  • be able to do 20 push ups on Dec. 31st (real not girly cheating ones)
  • fold laundry as soon as it comes out of dryer (this may be my hardest one to achieve)
  • update milestone pages for the boys
  • keep my cell phone out of the boys’ sticky hands (I should be getting my replacement next week, it will still be the same number)
  • borrow more books from the library instead of buying them
  • master the art of making mashed potatoes
  • befriend more neighbors
  • find all matches to the socks in the “no match” laundry basket
  • respond to emails more promptly (sorry Jess… I will be better!)
  • read one of Tim’s favorite books and not tease him about the aliens in it
  • walk Lucy more
  • finish Tim’s quilt (almost done Tim… I mean it this time!)
  • keep up with clipping coupons (I saved $42.38 last sunday on groceries alone!)
  • finish Michael’s 1st year scrap book
  • start and finish PJ’s first year scrap book
  • blog more often!

I have got a lot to do… gotta go!

2 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Beth

    respond to emails more quickly..( sorry jess) what about me sister…i sent you an email about 3 days ago and still haven’t gotten a reply…not impressed. 🙂

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