Bronchitis and Buh Byes

After 3 days of hacking up my lungs, scouring, coughing so hard I vomit (TMI, I know but I am looking for some pity) not being able to keep up with the boys, making Tim come home at lunch time so he can watch the boys and I can cough privately in my room without scaring Michael (he ran away from me during a coughing fit and it took major convincing that Mommy was ok, before he would even come near me again) and general misery… Tim finally convinced me to go to the Doc.

I went to Allina’s After Hours Clinic in Woodbury this morning and I was in and out in 30 minutes. I brought my newest huge Penny Vincenzi novel (Jess when I finish it I will send you 2 of her books I have finished recently) with me because last time I went there it took nearly 2 hours. I barely cracked my book open and the nurse took me back. When the nurse was done checking my stats. med grade fever normal everything else. I didn’t even have time to pull the novel out of my purse before the doc came in. Speedy and efficient. Just the way I like my doctors.

As you probably guessed by the post title. I have Bronchitis.

The “Buh Bye” part of the title is that Tim is taking off for Bismarck tomorrow. He flies out in the afternoon and will be back Friday evening.

Bad timing. But we are just going to have to make do. The pills the doc gave me are suppose to “Kick in quick” so hopefully I will be semi functioning by the time I need to drop Tim off at the airport tomorrow.

Yuck. If it isn’t one thing its another.

I am so sick of being sick. Darn mono is 6th grade. Ever since then the smallest bug turns into something like…. Bronchitis. Arg.

BTW Mom: TMI = to much information and BTW = by the way

2 thoughts on “Bronchitis and Buh Byes

  1. Nama Clute

    Is Tim in Bismarck? I am trying to get there tomorrow afternoon so plan on bringing your “Christmas stuff”. email and let me know of anything else I should bring other than Lucy’s coat, socks and the We. Love,mom

  2. Meg

    Tim is in Bismarck. He is at the Kelly Inn. You have his cell number. That should be everything. and its Wii not we! Love you mom! Thanks for doing that. We were bound to leave something somewhere!

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