Missing Auntie Buffy

Besides me moaning and groaning and being pitiful life has gone on. I am feeling better today (thank God!) so when searching for a warm outfit for Michael to wear, I came across a sweatshirt Beth gave Michael over a year ago and thought, “Hrmm.. haven’t taken any pictures in a while and it was a news years resolution….”

It still doesn’t fit but Michael loves the “Tar Hirt!” He is still having trouble with Ss at the beging of words.

I told him that the sweatshirt was from Auntie Buffy and now all he is saying… well more like screaming is, “Here she comes! Auntie Buffy she comes! Tar Hirt Auntie Buffy!”

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4 thoughts on “Missing Auntie Buffy

  1. Nama Clute

    cute pictures – how’s the weather? Are you stuck inside? It looks like the boys have lots to play with!

  2. Meg

    We will be snowed in if it keeps up. It has been snowing hard since 7 this morning. I am dreading having to shovel….where is my husband when I need him!??!
    And yes, the boys have plenty to play with thanks to all their loving Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunts and Uncles and cousins!
    I am still waiting on my phone. Hopefully tomorrow.

  3. Beth

    I love that sweatshirt on him! thanks!! šŸ˜€ i swear it wasn’t that big when i bought it for him.

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