Good Day

I am feeling better. I have some of my energy back. I slept pretty good last night (only woke up coughing once!)

The days started with both boys being sweet. Never are they both sweet. I am pretty sure they have a deal going. One is a terror the other is sweet. Then the next day they swap. It is very Yin and Yang of them. But today, they were both sweet. Mild tempered. Fun. Playing nicely. Eating their food. Not having screaming matches. Giving hugs and kisses. Just being sweet. A mother’s dream day.

Then! Thats right it gets better!

We got mail!

I finally got my phone. Feel free to call cause I got a phone again. It is a serious step down from my last phone but it works and that is all that matters. It is safe and out of reach of the boys. No swimming in juice cups for this phone!

Tim also got a package. 4 to be exact. He has been waiting for this day for a very long time. Ironically, he isn’t here. I am sure this will just make him want to come home even more. So here is a teaser Tim, just for you!

And finally, I have the best friends. No joke. If there was a competition. Mine would win.

Here is just one reason why:

Jess sent me a care package. How sweet is that. She is a grad student, a newly wed (in my book,you are newly weds until you have kid!) and a volunteer and she still made time to make and send me a care package. I am blessed to have a friend like this. Believe me, i do not keep up my end of the bargain HOWEVER it is a new years resolution! So to Jess: Thank you so much. It made my day. I can’t wait to read the books! And p.s. I have never had the cinnamon hearts before today and man they are good. Tim needs to hurry home so I am forced to share!

This is me. Happy. Happy at the end of a Good Day!

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